About Me

Hi, I’m Zaid and welcome to my website.

I’m a self-taught SEO ninja and web designer. I’m also a loving dad and husband.

My working career has been in traditional sales. Starting with perfumes working at Harrods in London to selling VW cars and wellness products in my home town of Port Elizabeth.

I’ve excelled regardless of the product I’ve sold because I understand 2 critical business principles:

  1. Use your product/service as a means to solve your customer’s problem…it’s your job to connect your poduct/service to your customer’s needs.
  2. Provide outstanding customer service.

Those 2 principles work incredibly well to create repeat and referral business – which is like GOLD to any business owner.

But I’ve also learned that one of the bigger challenges companies (especially the smaller ones) have is…

  • How do you create FRESH leads on a consistent basis?
  • How do you create brand NEW business in an affordable way?

Those questions are what lead me to the interent, web design and most importantly SEO. Over the last 2 years I’ve developed and honed these skills.

Now, I help small to medium sized businesses increase leads and sales using the internet. I love helping fellow entrepreneurs grow their businesses while lowering costs (on traditional ad spend etc)

I’m here to help your business and services get found online…by your ideal customers.

Whether you’re a plumber, a lawyer, building contractor and everything in between, if you want a greater web presence for your service-based business, I can help.

Contact me via email or let’s connect on Facebook.

To Your Success

Zaid Mackay

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